Cub Camp Program

Mountain Camp Marin offers a special Cub Camp program for campers ages 5 to 6 years and up to incoming 1st graders.

We split our cubs into multiple groups – Bear, Cheetah, Lion, and Tiger…oh my!, maintaining a maximum ratio of 12 campers to 2 counselors.


Cubs participate in many of the same activities as older campers, like dance and archery, but we structure these to suit their age and learning styles. We pre-schedule Cub activities and they typically repeat most activities twice.


Our Cubs stay with their group throughout the entire day and are under constant supervision by our Cub counselors. Cub Camp gives children a chance to try all that camp has to offer in a supportive and structured environment – ideal program for a child’s first camp experience. To accommodate the younger ages, the Cub Campers’ day ends at 3pm. If your Cub Camper needs to stay later, “Afternoon Cub Care” options are available.

Example Cub Schedule

Here is an example activity schedule. We change it each week and introduce new activities, so your cub’s day may look a little different!

9:15am-9:35amGroup Time
9:35am-10:20amCreation Station
11:05am-11:50amSidewalk Chalk
12:30pm-1:15amField Games
1:15am-2:00pmStory Time
2:00pm-2:45pmObstacle Course
2:45pm-3:00pmPick Up

Drop-Off Info

Drop-off is from 9:00am each morning. This can be one of the hardest times a day for some of our younger campers, however going to camp is an excellent time for campers to gain confidence and independence! In our experience, campers rebound quickly and end up having a great day after they leave their parent or guardian. We have set up a curb-side drop-off process as sometimes parents staying around can cause the home-sickness to drag on. We take pride in our counselors’ ability to help campers transition and stay involved at camp.

Pickup Info

The normal cub pickup time starts at 3:00pm at the main field.  If you sign up for Afternoon Cub Care, you can pick up your camper in our no-park pickup system on the field from 4:30pm to 4:45pm. Please bring your Day Camp Placard with you for pickup to verify that you are authorized to pick-up your Cub.

Other Important Information

Please note that cubs must be able to feed themselves and go to the bathroom independently to be eligible for the program. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information and to discuss.